Are Public Defenders Really All That Bad?

Public defendersPublic defenders don’t exactly have the best reputation for going the extra mile. It isn’t attributed to laziness, but it’s more like about being overworked, like many people working as public servants or civil servants. Have you had an experience with a public defender before? My friend was charged with aggravated assault as a juvenile, and he went the public defender route. The attorney did the best he could to prove self defense, and it took him three tries.

Again, that wasn’t necessarily his fault, but you get what you pay for. In this case, a public defender is free. People are entitled to a defense, so public defenders are dished out when people request legal representation but can’t afford to hire a lawyer. In his case, it is actually surprising he could get a public defender because his parents had money.

Either way, it all worked out in the end for him. If you have a case that is being handled by a public defender, then you just want to be sure that he or she is taking your case very seriously. Overall, how do you feel about the communication and how your case is being handled? If you feel like something isn’t right, tell the judge.

You have to ultimately speak up in defense for yourself, whether you do so with the best lawyer or you take the stand. You have to prove your innocence, and there I’d nothing wrong with a public defender as long as you are represented fairly and have your case defended properly in court.

You may think that public defenders areĀ  inexperienced, but think about their case loads. People also think that public defenders don’t have resources. However, you will know what your lawyer plans to do, and you can pull the plug if necessary. You again have the choice when it cones to who represents you in court.